Cephas Innovation, LLC is a management and information technology consulting firm that combines Fortune 1000, enterprise-level experience and resources with an entrepreneurial delivery style to generate exceptional results for our clients.

Company History

Started in 1993 by Scott Bideau, Cephas Innovation built one of the first graphical webpages on the Internet only a few months after the Mosaic web browser was released. Four years later, our search engine was deployed to clients before Google was founded. Our web-based CRM launched before Salesforce.com. Our social networking platform went live five years prior to Facebook.

About the Name

Cephas (pronounced see-phas) is an Aramaic surname meaning “rock” that was given by Christ to Simon in John 1:42.  This word reflects both our location in the Rocky Mountains and our organisational values.

Innovation is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “the act of introducing something new.” While this word is often overused, we have earned the title by providing revolutionary products and services for more than two decades.


We’re proud to have helped such a diverse set of clients, such as:

Committed to the Community

Cephas Innovation donates 10% of our profits, 10% of our infrastructure, AND 10% of our time to charity. Over the last 20-years, we have had the honor of helping organizations like: